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My favorite thing about the Neil Street Corridor is that it’s a direct connection between Downtown and the mall

The City of Champaign is embarking on a planning process to create a corridor improvement plan for Neil Street from I-74 to Downtown Champaign. The corridor is a major entry way into the City of Champaign for visitors and residents traveling from the Interstate into the heart of the community. The corridor is a mix of business uses near the interstate. As it transitions away from the interstate, the land uses are residential until the corridor gets closer to downtown, where it transitions back to commercial land uses and mixed-use urban development. The purpose of this project is to help the City develop a plan for the corridor that will create a beautiful and inviting experience for residents, visitors, and users of the corridor. The plan will make recommendations for infrastructure improvements as well as provide an analysis for the design of intersections, trail crossings, sidewalks, and lane widths and dimensions in the corridor. There are six themes that have been identified as part of this corridor plan.

- Corridor Identity: The Neil Street corridor’s local and regional identity and character will be defined and celebrated during the planning process.

- Beautification: Through streetscape and roadway design, the Corridor appearance will be improved.

- Multi-modal Function and Safety: All modes of transportation will be accommodated in the corridor.

- Wayfinding: Accessibility and environmental communication will be prioritized for recommendations in the corridor.

- Entry Node/ Gateway: The corridor design will include an intentional point of entry and sense of arrival. 

- Sustainability: All recommendations for the corridor will integrate sustainable strategies. 

A robust public engagement process will integrate with the planning process and will provide an opportunity for those that use the corridor to determine its future.

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